Terms & Conditions

1.0 Service General Conditions

MuCustoms offers customization and configuration services for MuOnline servers, for all currently available versions and emulators, MuCustoms does not sell licensed files, nor hosting, webhosting or DDoS/antihack protection services.

All the services offered by MuCustoms thru this website are provided digitally, this means that there is no physical deliverable that the client will receive. All files involved in the provision of any of the services offered are installed directly on the server the customer declares without generatin an extra cost per installation.

The way we provide our services is advance payment, understanding that once paid, the work will begin to be carried out and the duration may vary depending on its complexity or if there are connectivity problems of any of the parties involved that will delay the contracted tasks.

Files will not be sent for any reason to be installed by customers, to guarantee the full operation of the service provided, we take care of carrying out the installation and verifying its correct operation directly on the indicated server.

2.0 MuCustoms Responsability

Treat all customers equally regardless of their race, gender, religion, nationality or ideology. Maintain a healthy relationship with respect and without grievances.

It's our responsibility to ensure the operation and support of the contracted configurations for a period of 30 days from the date of contracting or start of the work, in case it does not coincide with the payment date. All the services provided by us must be tested by our customers to give their agreement with them, for this reason a period of 30 days is given, understanding that they may not have full time availability to verify the modifications at the time they are made.

In the event that revisions or corrections are required outside the stipulated period of 30 days, they must be quoted according to their complexity.

The stability in the servers of our clients is something that we take very seriously and it is for this reason that we carry out all the installations directly and we do not send loose files, even if the administrators are experienced users and are not administering a server for the first time. as a way to guarantee the work done.

We will only keep a backup of your files as they were at the end of the installation and subsequent editing of your files.

3.0 Customer Responsability

It is under the complete responsibility of the customer who has access to their files, once the service is finished, MuCustoms will not enter the server/VPS anymore unless indicated.

Backups of your files after installation, any modifications or changes that are made should be ensure by you that's backed up correctly.

Maintain a healthy relationship with respect and without grievances, using the communication channels provided for the purposes of solving doubts/support.

4.0 Payment methods

We work with MercadoPago (Only Argentina), Paypal and AirTM (for the whole world). We do not receive payments through cryptocurrencies or cash.

Payments through MercadoPago are made exclusively by wiretransfer, people outside Argentina has the chance to use this option if they have a trusted contact or family member who can make the payment by this app.

Payments through PayPal are made only with an invoice previously issued to the mail that the customer determines. Direct payments to our account without an invoice reference are not accepted.

All payments are always made in advance and are non-refundable.

5.0 Service Exclusions

The contact will always be with the person who originally contracts the service, the "partners" who may later be part of the project will not be attended or given support.

In case the customer does not respect the rules of conduct described before and chooses to offend, insult and mistreat in any way, the service will be canceled immediately, You will lose all support and continuity without the possibility of opening any type of claim or requesting a refund of the amount paid.

No support, modification, or error correction tasks will be carried out on files sold by another company or taken from the Internet.

6.0 Contact Methods & Partners

Our available contact methods are those that appear on our website: MuCustoms - Configs and Customs for MuOnline Servers

Any other contact methods not informed by us through this website should be taken as false and a possible scam attempt by the person who offers the information.

The only partners that we have and with whom we work together, are those that are mentioned on our website, we have no relationship or partnership with any other company or person that is not mentioned by us in the corresponding "Partners" section.

7.0 Clarifications

In case that there is an involuntary error/missconfig by the customer during the grace period stipulated in our 30-day service, it will be corrected placing the original file that was installed by us, not being responsible for lost modifications or additions.

Re-installations or server changes are not included in our service and must be quoted separately.

In case of requiring Support or modifications after the completion of the work, it must be quoted as "Support" or additional configuration.

These terms and conditions may be updated at any time without prior notice. By contracting a service with MuCustoms you fully adhere to them.