MuCustoms, MuOnline Servers creation. Season 6, Season 19, & Classic.

We offer configuration and custom services for MuOnline servers, we have all the knowledge and experience you need to create your first MuOnline server, we can create any config that your files supports! we are not a repack or VPS sellers, we specialize in configs on demand and work closely with every Admin in their proyect!
We want to help our customers servers to be different from others, help them to success not only making configs and customs for you, also giving advices about your ideas based in our experience as player & admin! We work with all well knowed developers Louis, Mspro, MuDevs, SSeMU, IGCN, X-Team and all versions 97d, 99b, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 6 to the last one Season 19, some things we can make for you :

  • Shops.
  • Spots.
  • Add new Items.
  • Add new Monster/Bosses.
  • Create personalized Events.
  • Create custom invasions
  • Itembags configured with advanced system (Season 6 Emulators).
  • General Drop settings (Jewells, Zen, Hearts, Pets, Feather ).
  • CustomMix (¡¡ Requeriments and results at your choice!!!).
  • Add Pets/Mounts.
  • Fix Chaos Machine visual rate %.

  • Imagen de Corrección de Mixes

    Also we can help you with:

  • Cashshop.
  • Quest/Misions system.
  • Weekly/Monthly Support.
  • Complete configuration for a fast startup (Monstersetbase, Monster, Itemdrop, Itembags % Clasic Invasions).
  • We work in all available versions from 97d until Season 19.
  • Balance for MuEMU base files-all versions-no-reset, 32k, 65k.


Custom Bosses + Efects


New Options for your items


Chaos Machine % rate fixed


Custom Mix


Custom Event/Invasion


Classic Mixes fix








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