Frequent answsered questions

Here you can find all info about MuCustoms services

1.0 Do you sell files/vps/web hosting/antihack?

MuCustoms offers customization and configuration services for MuOnline servers, for all currently available versions and emulators, MuCustoms does not sell licensed files, nor hosting, webhosting or DDoS/antihack protection services.

2.0 So what you sell?

We only sell configs & customs for MuServers, whats included in our services? all thats inside your "Data" folder.

General config includes: Spots, Itembags (all rewards from Bosses/Events/Boxes), Shops (all NPCs for all classes), General Drop (Jewels, Pets, Event Items, Mix Items, Special Items), Events & Invasions imtes and special settings,Cashshop, Chaos Mix Rates (fix client-server rates), Exp, Drop, Vip and Party settings.

Customs: depends in your files what can be done but can include, Custom Mixes (that means that you can addapt a mix from new season or create a totally new one), Custom Bosses, Custom Item Options.

Balance: we made them with you, we can work them no reset, 32k, 65k. Allways made in your server matching your likes, we dont send you a "balance" to install yourself.

3.0 Which MuOnline versions are included in your services?

We work with all versions, the most common are Season 6 or Season 17/18, but we can also work with classic & old versions, 97d, 99b, Season 0, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4.

4.0 Which files are supported in your service?

We work with all well knowed emulators like : Louis, Kosh, Mspro, Takumi, Ssemu, IGCN, MuDevs, Xteam. Also we can work with a private development if you have your own files!

If you need more info about Emulators you can check here our recommended selection : Recommended Emulators

5.0 Can you recommend us other service providers? VPS, Antihack, Launcher, etc

Yes, even if we dont sell that kind of services, we can recommend you where to get them, just take a look here : Partners

It doesnt means that they are the only ones you can buy something from, but is the recommended services that we can trust and share with you.

You are allways free to do your own research about.

6.0 Whats the price of your Service?

Well thats depend in what you need, we dont force you to buy a full package of settings, we can sell you just what you need, that means if you need only "spots" since you have made all the other settings your own, we can sell you only that. Dont need to buy a full config server.

Anyway we have some things listed in our website so you can have an idea of some prices :

Configs for Season 6 Emulators: Season 6 Emulators - Louis/Kosh/Mspro/Takumi/MuEmu/SSemu

Configs for Season 18 Emulators: Season 18 Emulators - IGCN/MuDevs/Xteam

7.0 Do you have any kind of guides, material support or basic software?

Yes, we have all that included in our website, you can find all you need here

💎 Utilities (Software) for for Client & Server
💎 List of Items Ancients Season 6 – Season 12
💎 Damage Types
💎 Socket System Season 6 & Season 9
💎 Skills Drop - Season 6
💎 Lucky System – Season 6
💎 Harmony System – Season 6

We are the only service provider in the market that shares with you all this info in one single site!